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Sectoral / Problem Specific
Analytical Solutions 

Big data analytics can produce solutions to different problems in different sectors.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Logistics Planning and Route Optimization 

Artificial intelligence-powered logistics planning and route optimization solutions developed by Avelytic engineers provide precise solutions to many efficiency and/or improvement problems such as supply chain performance improvement, improvement of distribution and/or collection plans, increasing vehicle/team efficiency and improving fuel/time efficiency.

Actual Capacity

Avelytic can calculate your actual capacity, find the root causes of losses and leaks and offer process-based preventive measures.

Data Integrity and Consistency

Smart Planning

Avelytic can monitor the processes defined in your organization, update your future forecasts, evaluate all parameters, including predictive maintenance, and create real plans. By analyzing criticality, it offers suggestions to improve your inventory/stock investment.

Optimum Solution

Can produce the optimum solution for all kinds of planning problems (production planning, cash flow planning, project planning, etc.).

Avelytic monitors the integrity and consistency of the data processed in your organization and makes the necessary corrections and associated data record recommendations.

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