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Avelytic is a data science platform based entirely on open source technologies, targeting customized developments and ease of use.

In our increasingly digitalized world, storing, processing and/or re-incorporating the masses of data into the organizational value chain requires an effort in itself, while Avelytic undertakes this process on your behalf.

For your business needs based on evolving and changing market conditions, Avelytic aims to increase the accuracy of your strategies by learning/discovering the trends, dependencies, habits and anomalies hidden in your existing data and ensures that your business model is fast and competitive with the results obtained.  

Avelytic takes your organization's digital maturity to the next level.

Avelytic offers a scalable and flexible infrastructure for users of all sizes.



Data Collection

Data collection has the power to consolidate data from various industries into one centralized storage. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is now easier to collect data from different sources quickly and effectively. The product allows to manage large-scale data sets with ease, which enables businesses to have a better interaction with their data.


Data Curation

Data curation is a critical service performed to make data sets healthier, more consistent and meaningful. Correcting errors in data sets, completing missing or inconsistent data, and cleaning unnecessary information are important for accurate and reliable analysis. By improving data accuracy, the data curation process strengthens the infrastructure for company decisions and contributes to data-driven strategic planning. This service supports data scientists and analysts to extract maximum value from data sets and make decisions based on reliable information.


Data Warehouse

It accepts large amounts of various types of data from different sources and stores them in a needs-oriented manner. Data warehouse provides flexibility and reliability by offering a scalable infrastructure according to the size and requirements of businesses.


Data Operation

Data operations refers to a flexible and versatile set of tools that enable data scientists and analysts to effectively manage, organize and analyze a large data set. These operations include processes such as making data sets meaningful, ensuring consistency, filling in missing data, and cleaning up irrelevant information. With data operations, users can make conscious decisions and become more effective in strategic planning by accessing accurate, reliable and usable data.



Reporting is often the process of expressing data sets with visualization tools such as graphs, tables and customizable reports. This module optimizes data analysis processes, providing businesses with a fast and efficient flow of information.


Data Analytics

Data analytics is a process that aims to obtain meaningful insights from complex data sets. Machine learning (ML) algorithms analyze and learn from large data sets to identify future trends. Deep learning enables it to understand complex data structures, which allows for more in-depth and comprehensive analysis. At the same time, pattern recognition capabilities provide a powerful ability to identify important patterns in data sets and foresee potential future developments. This helps organizations use the data insights they gain more quickly, reliably, scalably and effectively.



As a security module, Avelytic offers integrated features to ensure data security with authentication and access management. The feature, which enables users to securely control and authorize system access, offers a strong authentication solution.  It aims to increase data security by managing data access and usage with a detailed control mechanism. This integration makes the Avelytic platform a secure, scalable and flexible solution, prioritizing user and data security.



Our management module allows businesses to manage complexity more effectively. In addition to optimizing your data flow processes by controlling components from a single center, you can make quick decisions with real-time monitoring from a single screen. In this way, you can get a holistic view of all your data operations and manage more efficiently and instantly.

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