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The New Standard
in Data Analysis

 Siyah Arka Plan

Your Power is Your Data

Data to information...

Discovery, Aggregation, Data Warehousing, Cleaning and

Analytics Solutions

Since its establishment, Ave has been working to create more value from data and offers its customers clear control over their data assets. Thanks to this controlled power;

you can collect all of your data assets on one platform, and by using optimization tools such as cleaning and consolidation on these assets, you can both increase the accuracy of your information source and use your storage environments more efficiently. You can present the information you can create with optimized data in any type and format you prefer (such as reports, services, VT), and you can share your generated information in any way you wish.

 Siyah Arka Plan

Information to success...

Advanced Analytical Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ave, the most experienced team in data-driven digital transformation projects, combines its expertise with Avelytic, the data science platform it has developed, to open the perspectives of the future for its customers.

Ave gives you the power to instantly monitor your data history converted into information, while monitoring, detecting, learning, reporting and predicting many behavioral models such as habits, trends, interactions and addictions, which are critical for your future plans, specific to your problems. By strengthening your corporate forecasts, it guarantees the accuracy of your future planning.


High Quality Consulting and Training Solutions

Aware of the critical importance of quality services for successful goals, Ave implements each of its deliveries in PMI standards and each of its developments in SPICE standards. Services based on the quality culture created by our team are at the top of the list of requirements for the sustainability of your data-oriented technological infrastructure. Our expert project managers, who are appointed from the start of your project, plan, implement, monitor and report all the necessary processes on your behalf to ensure that all deliveries are implemented within the specified framework. They keep you informed with satisfactory reports at each milestone. The explanation of customizations and enhancements is delivered to you with a set of documentation that is unrivaled in our country. Our technical experts guarantee your uninterrupted service within the framework of the SLA conditions.

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