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Business Intelligence
Maintenance Services

Within the framework of data security, business intelligence, which plays an important role in the strategic decision-making processes of institutions and organizations, offers analysis and reporting solutions designed in accordance with the needs. At this point, regular maintenance and update services provided by our professional team enable uninterrupted and efficient data analysis processes. 


Updating and Upgrading Business Intelligence Platforms

  • Updating the existing platform, upgrading to the latest versions, making improvements to increase performance


Monitoring and Optimization of Performance

  • Analyzing and monitoring platform performance

  • Identifying performance problems and conducting necessary optimization studies to solve them


Implementation of Security Assessments and Practices

  • Identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities for the platform

  • Strengthening security measures


Data Integrity Check and Verification

  • Regularly check and verify the integrity of databases and reports.

  • Providing consistency between data sources to ensure data integrity


Continuous Support and Training Services

  • Providing 24/7 technical support for platform usage

  • Organizing trainings for the personnel of the organization in order to use business intelligence platforms effectively


Customized Maintenance Plans

  • Creating of customized maintenance plans according to needs

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