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About Us

Ave Bilisim, as a team that has successfully completed the data science-oriented work it has undertaken since 2015, continues its journey aiming to add value to its customers and the people within its organization. Ave Bilisim has become a common denominator for us, you and the customers whose paths cross in this journey. Adopting the philosophy of continuous change for excellence, Ave Bilisim dynamically updates its entire structural organization and processes within this framework and continues to create and offer environments where people will enjoy working. With this philosophy, Ave Bilisim designs and realizes the services it develops and offers not only for our country but also for the whole world. "Quality", which underlies all these efforts and endeavors, is an inevitable criterion for our employees and customers. We see the "Family" sincerity we adopt in individual relationships as the most important factor affecting our professional efficiency and performance, and we continue to work with all our strength to develop this.

Gece Mesaisi


To produce innovative, sustainable and economic solutions for the data-oriented "digital transformation" needs of our customers without compromising on quality.

In addition, to create a sustainable development model by creating an organization that is fair, open to continuous development and beneficial for all humanity and the environment, especially for our team members.


Our vision is to become a global manufacturer with high technology solutions developed with local resources. With this perspective, representing our country as the leading product and/or service provider in the data analytics market is our greatest source of motivation.


Our company has adopted technology as the basic building block of development and progress. On this basis, it works hard to build a more successful, sustainable and liveable world for all our stakeholders.

Bisiklet Kulpları
Hedef Kitle


Our company builds its core values on human and quality-oriented, fair, honest, sharing and leadership principles. These values enable us to establish transparent and trust-based business relationships, focus on the development of our employees, provide high quality services to our customers and lead the society.

Our Group

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