Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
End to End Work Intelligence Solution
From the ETL / ELT process to the data visualization stage in business intelligence projects, we are at your side with our expert and experienced team in all processes or at any stage you need according to your request.

Solution Determination - Resource Planning
As a result of the preliminary analysis made considering the characteristics of your corporate data structure and your business intelligence goals, the most appropriate BI solution is reported in detail.
We are actively supporting the business intelligence project management while developing the solution in the most ideal time and positioning the most effective hardware/software.

The ELT/ETL stages are defined and the necessary transformations of the data are combined in the corporate data warehouse. The initial transfer and delta transfer processes are defined to ensure that your data in the data warehouse is kept up to date autonomously. Depending on the determination in the recognition analysis, some of the data is transferred to the data warehouse while some (or all) of them receive batch updates near real time.

An easy-to-understand and useful business intelligence model is provided to enable business units to conduct their own business intelligence analysis. Data Mart based authorization can be made for different user groups, while more than one department's data can be used to provide richer analysis capability. With the security policies created at the model level, authorization is provided on line basis.

Presentation – Visualization
Rich data visuals such as Report and Scorecard, Key Performance indicators can be developed in a Web and Mobile compatible way, considering the needs of business units and managerial needs. User information, roles and authorizations can be obtained automatically from the existing infrastructure of the institution.
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