Big Data

Big Data
Open Source Friendly Big Data Solutions
As support to our turnkey Enterprise Big Data solutions; We are at your side with our experienced team in all stages of corporate business and data analysis, project design, need recognition, product positioning, implementation of projects and ensuring its continuity.
With Connectors/Providers, which can be integrated to all popular data sources, collect all your data (structured/non-structured, stream/batch) in a single environment and make them ready for your analytical processes. A high level of flexibility is provided at presentation phase during the data collection.
Not only your data is made available for lower cost and you can get analytical results in a very short time, you are also provided with methods that allows you to easily access your Hadoop, NoSQL and relational data, enabling organizations to continue to benefit from the trained workforce without additional staff costs. In addition, the disk movements of structural/non-structural data are minimized (low I/O) for powerful and fast analysis possibility.
An enterprise-level open source platform is provided to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the data science team. R or case-specific solutions enable you to obtain analytical results from your data in short periods of time, or to quickly prepare corporate dashboards and key performance indicators with many alternative data visualization platforms.
Implementations are provided for adding unauthorized access controls to sensitive systems and data, auditing and continuous monitoring and reporting of all accesses.
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